About ROER

Despair - To be forgotten is worse than death.

- Freya's Quote

About the Site

The Realm of Eternal Rain first started life as a message board named Dragoon Lover, created in 2000 by Alana. A year later, the first known Freya shrine, Crescent Dragoon, appeared on the internet thanks to a talented individual named Leandria. Little is known about these two venues, until in August 2002, a Dragoon Lover semi-regular named Nivalis Capistrum created the Freya Crescent Shrine and it's accompanying message board, the Realm of Eternal Rain.

Created entirely in Notepad, the shrine was originally hosted on this domain, www.eternalrain.org, before moving hosts to PowerWebHost.net, under the domain name www.eternalrain.net. Content originally contained barebones information about Freya Crescent and several pieces of fan works by a few fans, before eventually growing to a whole list of Freya's abilities, in depth detail about her clothing, a project to include Burmecians in the game Morrowind, and many more. Freya's army of fans grew slowly but surely as time went on, even spawning a seperate RP forum on InvisionFree, which acted as a sister board to the main community.

On May 11th, 2007, Nivalis relinquished his webmaster duties and passed them onto Declan Tribal (now Sean Powers), who has been involved with the community since 2003. The Freya Crescent Shrine moved over to Streamline.net, under the old domain name www.eternalrain.org and with a new name - The Realm of Eternal Rain. In addition to the move, a new message board was created for the community on ProBoards. In 2012, problems with Streamline forced the shrine to move hosts again, this time over to Zernebok hosting, where it still resides to this day.

The shrine is currently in it's ninth incarnation, which makes use of many dynamic features such as a news blog, a twitter feed, sharing tools for social networking sites and a responsive layout for mobile devices. The current version of the site was created in HTML5 and CSS3 using Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS3.

About the Webmaster

I didn't really know anything about Freya Crescent or Burmecians until I started playing FFIX. Very interested in her and her kin, I played the game throughout and fell in love with both ever since. I first joined the Realm of Eternal Rain message board in 2003, before being promoted to moderator a year later, then admin in 2006, and finally the shrine's webmaster in 2007.

My intention was to create a more dynamic look-and-feel for the shrine using Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and PHP 5. Unfortunately, most of my ideas never really came to light, and most of the userbase had since disappeared. After a very long hiatus, I came back and resumed work on the shrine in 2012, starting with a fresh look, and brand new content for the fans.

I currently reside in Southport, Merseryside UK, where I'm studying to become a professional web designer. In addition to managing the Realm of Eternal Rain, I also enjoy writing fanfiction, lifting heavy weights, watching 90s action films, modding avatars on Second Life, and eating steak. If there's one phrase that best describes me, it's "semi-rich idiot with no day job".

You can also find me on the following websites:

Silver Dragon Studios
FurAffinity (My Writing Account)