Relationships with Other Characters

Damn Freya, I haven't seen you in years! Where've you been!?

- Burmecian Soldier Dan, upon meeting the party en route to the Royal Palace.

In this section, we will try to explain the various relationships Freya has with fellow party members and any additional NPCs scattered throughout Gaia. As with real-life people, she gets on well with some, and hardly interacts with others.

Group shot of the party
Group shot of the party

Party Members

Zidane Tribal

Zidane and Freya are both long-term aquaintances who share a close bond, having met one another three years prior to the game. Although the game doesn't expand on their relationship with one another, it is implied that they bear a brother/sister kind of relationship, having the occasional slanging match with one another and engaging in friendly competition, such as the Festival of the Hunt.

Garnet Til Alexandros 17th (AKA Dagger)

Freya and Dagger hardly interact with one another in the game, if ever. Though it is possible that the two respect one another in their own way, as noted by Freya when she complements Dagger on her coronation dress at the start of disk three.

Vivi Orunitia

Freya and Vivi get on well with one another during the adventure, especially on disks one and two when the party try to stop the invasions of both Burmecia and Cleyra. Freya tends to show sympathy towards the black mage and will often kneel down in order to talk at his level. Like Zidane, Vivi can tell whenever Freya is angry or upset, as noted on disk two when Fratley's condition is revealed, though she promptly denies it later.

Adelbert Steiner

Again, Freya and Steiner hardly interact with one another in the game, though when she and Beatrix volunteer to stay behind in Alexandria, Steiner joins up to help fend off a group of bandersnatches as the others make their escape. This is because Steiner believes in the phrase "Brothers in Arms", thus it's possible that Steiner views Freya as a fellow comrade, rather than a friend.

Quina Quen

Freya does not interact with Quina much (who'd want to, besides Zidane?), though at one point in the game when the party stops off at North Gate (the Burmecian side), Quina runs off to try out some flowers to eat, and Freya notes to learn from his/her/it's carefree attitude towards life.

Eiko Carol

Like Vivi, Freya tends to get down on one knee to speak to Eiko at her level, thus showing that she has some form of respect for her. The only time these two ever interact is outside Alexandria Castle at the start of disk three.

Amarant Coral

Freya and Amarant initially got on bad terms with one another at the start of disk three, after Freya challenged him to a fight just for looking at her. Later, Freya shows a bit of interest in Amarant's past, though he was quite reluctant to tell her about it. Though the game doesn't expand on anything else further than this, it's possible that these two have a relationship similar to that of a friendly rivally. A good example of this is their visit to the Fire Temple, with Amarant voicing his disdain towards Freya ("Why do I have to go with her?") and Freya poking fun at Amarant ("That was too easy... It must've been disappointing for you").

Other Characters

General Beatrix

Freya first heard about Beatrix from her lover, Sir Fratley, as noted by the flashback at the end of Disk one before the party battle her. Beatrix initially considers Freya (and the other party members) as nothing more than 'mere insects', and succeeds in defeating them effortlessly. Beatrix proves to be an impossibly strong opponent, but eventually realises that she was a pawn in Brahne and Kuja's plan. Realising that they have a common foe to contend with, Freya and Beatrix put aside their differences and vow to stay behind in Alexandria to fend off the bandersnatches, buying the party time to escape. Like Steiner, this shows that Beatrix and Freya view each other as comrades in arms, regardless of affiliation and strength gap.


The mastermind behind the attacks on Burmecia and Cleyra (and later Lindblum and Alexandria), Kuja simply refers to Freya as "another rat". But other than that, Freya does not hold much personal animosity towards Kuja other than for destroying her hometown, merely choosing to side with Zidane and the rest of the party out of duty than personal revenge.