Quotes and Dialogue

I could not bring peace to Burmecia and thus fulfill Sir Fratley's wish. But now, all I can do is protect this beautiful place.

- Freya lamenting on her failure to stop the invasion of Burmecia.

Below is a list of quotes and dialogue excerpts taken from Final Fantasy IX, in which Freya plays a central or otherwise crucial role in certain scenes. This list is being continually updated, and more lines of dialogue will be added in the future.

Upon meeting Freya for the first time

(A waitress stands by Zidane.)

Lilian: "Do you mind? You're standing in everyone's way."

Zidane: "Wow... Hey."

Lilian: "Yeah? Do you want a drink?"

Zidane: "How about you and me go for a cruise on an airship?"

Lilian: "Really!? An airship!?"

Zidane: "Sounds like you've never been on one. You know, Lindblum is quite a sight from high above."

(A woman in red at the bar (Freya) speaks.)

Woman at the Counter: "Hey, monkey-tail, you're disturbing the other customers."

Zidane: "What the--you've got a tail, too, rat-face!"

Woman at the Counter: "Rat-face...After I finish my drink, I'm gonna kick your butt."

Bobo: "Hey, Zidane, take it outside."

Zidane: "!!!"

Woman at the Counter: "Long time, Zidane."

Zidane: "Hey! What's up!? Wait a minute..."

Woman at the Counter: "You forgot my name?"

Zidane: "No, I remember. You're Helga, right?"

Woman at the Counter: "Wrong."

Zidane: "...Christine?"

Woman at the Counter: "No!"

Zidane: "...Oh yeah! You used to live next door to me. How's it going...Ratchel? Man, you've really gotten...big."

Woman at the Counter: "You nasty little--"

Zidane: "Come on. I'm just kiddin'. You know I never forget a pretty girl's name."

(The player can name the woman in red. Default: Freya.)

Zidane: "So, how've you been, Freya?"

Freya: "...Same old Zidane."

Zidane: "How long has it been?"

Freya: "About 3 years."

Zidane: "Hey, did you ever find out anything about your boyfriend?"

Freya: "No..."

Zidane: "So... What brings you to Lindblum?"

Freya: "The Festival of the Hunt. What else? It's a good opportunity to test my skills."

Zidane: "Oh... Well, I'm sure you'll find him someday."

Freya: "Aren't you participating?"

Zidane: "...Nah. I think I'll pass."

Freya: "Lazy bum."

Zidane: "...Are you ever gonna go back?"

Freya: "I have no reason to return to Burmecia. There is nothing there for me anymore."

Arrival at Burmecia

Zidane: "So...this is Freya's home..."

(To Freya, who is hanging back from the rest of the group in apprehension)

Zidane: "What are you doing? Get over here."

Freya: "It's been five years..."

(Freya drops down onto one knee)

Freya: "I've been away for so long... Not a night went by when I didn't dream about home. I can't believe I'm here... I am no longer the selfish child I was five years ago. The time has come to serve my kingdom as a Burmecian dragon knight once again!"

Zidane: "I'll do what I can to help!"

Vivi: "Me, too!"

Quina: "I help, too!"

Zidane: "Let's go."

(All party members dash through the gates, except for Freya, who briefly stands alone)

Freya: "What can I do for my kingdom? Now is not the time..."

En route to the Royal Palace

Freya: "Zidane... Burmecia's royal palace is beyond these steps. It must be in ruins, just like everything else. I can't bear to see it like that..."

Zidane: "I understand, but we can't go back now. We have to find out who's behind this."

Vivi: "...I wanna find out who those guys were...and why I look like them."

Zidane: "Look, Vivi's scared, too. But we have to face reality."

Vivi: "Come on, Freya. It'll be okay..."

Freya: "Vivi... Do you really know what you're doing? The answer you seek may forever change your life for the worse."

Vivi: "Um...... Y-Yeah... But... But I have to... I have to find out who I am... I'm scared... What if I'm not even human...?"

Freya: "Vivi..."

Quina: "What you talking about? I not human, but you definitely human!"

Zidane: "Someone's coming!"

(A soldier with woman and child run down the stairs, stopping.)

Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Who are you!? Are you in league with the black mages!?"

Zidane: "No!"

Burmecian Soldier Dan: "You're lying! There's a black mage right behind you!"

Vivi: "No! I didn't do anything! I would never hurt anyone!"

Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Lies!"

Freya: "He's telling the truth!"

Burmecian Soldier Dan: "...Freya!?"

Freya: "It's good to see you, Dan."

Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Damn, I haven't seen you in years. Where've you been!? Actually, this isn't the best time to talk! We've gotta get out of here fast. There are black mages swarming all over the place. What are you waiting for!?"

Freya: "Where is the king?"

Burmecian Soldier Dan: "I don't know. I didn't see him in the palace. Well, I'm going. I have my own family to worry about. Freya, forget about the king and get out of here! We're no match for those black mages!"

(Dan runs off.)

Freya: "I will protect my home and my king at any cost. Let's go to the palace."

Outside the Royal Palace

(The party walks up to the steps of the ransacked and broken palace.)

Zidane: "Geez, this is terrible... Freya, I'm sorry, but from the looks of this, I don't think the king made it. ......"

(A choice of three options pop up here.)

(If the player picks "Talk to her")

Zidane: "I don't know what to tell you... We can only hope that the king and the others escaped."

Freya: "......"

(If the player picks "I wonder if Dagger's alright")

Zidane: "I don't think Dagger came here... I wonder where she went..."

(If the player picks "Leave her alone")

Zidane: "Vivi, let's go see what's over there."

Freya: "!!!"

Zidane: "Freya!"

(Freya jumps up high and lands on a statue above.)

Freya: "There's someone inside the palace! What are you waiting for? Get up here."

*She runs inside.)

Zidane: "You make it sound so easy... I guess I'll start here. Come on."

Vivi: "Um...okay."

(Vivi jumps up and faceplants, like usual.)

Zidane: "Oh, man. I'm gonna go on ahead. Try to find a way up here. I'll meet you up top."

Quina: "I meet you after I eat food inside palace!"

Inside the Royal Palace

(Zidane jumps up and runs in after Frey. He finds her hiding behind a statue, watching some people down below in the palace.)

Zidane: "Who is that?"

Freya: "I knew she was behind all this."

Zidane: "What do you mean, you knew?"

Freya: "I decided to return to Burmecia because I heard rumors that Brahne had set her sights on our kingdom."

Zidane: "Then that girl standing next to her must be Beatrix, Alexandria's general."

Freya: "That's Beatrix? The cold-blooded knight who shows no mercy. Beatrix..."

(Freya has a flashback with a man (Sir Fratley).)

Freya: "Beatrix?"

Sir Fratley: "Yes... Beatrix. I hear there are many fierce warriors out in the world--some even more powerful than even I... ...Beatrix of Alexandria, in particular. They say her swordsmanship is the best in the land."

Freya: "Sir Fratley, do you still insist on going on your journey?"

Sir Fratley: "Yes... Please understand, Freya. Right now, Burmecia is at peace, while other nations are slowly but surely gaining power. I don't know if my spear alone is enough to protect Burmecia... ...which is precisely why I must go out into the world."

Freya: "Sir Fratley...I don't think I can live on my own--not without you."

Sir Fratley: "Freya, you're going to be fine. Trust your strength... and have faith in your destiny. Once I complete my journey around the world, I will return to Burmecia."

Freya: "Then promise me, one more time, that you will return."

Sir Fratley: "I promise."

(Fratley walks away. Freya drops to her knees, and the screen blacks out.)

Freya: "Fratley... You never came back... You've left me with nothing except rumors of your death. I couldn't believe it! I still won't believe it! Never. Not until I witness proof of your death with my own eyes. And I will travel forever across the world forever if I must..."

(The flashback ends and Zidane looks over.)

Zidane: "Are you alright?"

Freya: "Yes. I was just thinking...about the past..."

Zidane: "...You still can't get over him, huh? Who is that?"

(Just then, someone in white (Kuja) walks towards Beatrix and Brahne.)

Cleyra Settlement

King of Burmecia: "I see. So you saw Puck, eh?"

Freya: "As mischievous as ever, Your Majesty."

King of Burmecia: "I haven't seen him in ages."

Freya: "I heard his Highness left Burmecia one month after me. That makes it three years."

King of Burmecia: "And yet both you and Puck decided to return to me in this time of danger. I am grateful!"

Cleyran High Priest: "Freya, we shall conduct an ancient ceremony to strengthen the sandstorm. Surely, no enemy of ours would attack with the powerful sandstorm protecting Cleyra. And with the help of a dragon knight like you, the storm should grow even more powerful."

Freya: "Ah, the ceremony from the time when Burmecia and Cleyra were one. I understand. Zidane, I met with utter failure when trying to defend Burmecia... And I will not allow Brahne to exert her will upon us any longer!"

Zidane: "You've changed, Freya. I didn't think you were so strong when I first met you."

Freya: "I could not bring peace to Burmecia and thus fulfill Sir Fratley's wish. But now, all I can do is protect this beautiful place."

Zidane: "Yeah, protecting Cleyra is the best thing you can do for yourself."

Freya: "Doing so will help me."

(Zidane walks aside and lets Freya stand with the maidens dancing. The harp player flicks the strings and they begin to the strengthening dance. Towards the end, though, the strings break.)

Moon Maiden Claire: "The strings have snapped... A terrible omen, this is..."

(At this point, an FMV plays. It shows the sandstorm surrounding Cleyra melting away and revealing the gigantic tree for all to see. Terrible omen, indeed.)

Zidane: "I can't believe the sandstorm disappeared. What happened...?"

Freya: "I don't know..."

Cleyran High Priest: "I have never witnessed anything like this since we settled here. On the harp, there is a magic stone. Since ancient times we have used the magic stone to control the sandstorm."

King of Burmecia: "Perhaps someone is trying to invade Cleyra."

Cleyran High Priest: "I fear you may be right, my lord."

King of Burmecia: "I only hope our enemies don't come up the trunk..."

Meeting Sir Fratley

Freya: "Sir Fratley, I...I have missed you so much. I began my search for you immediately after you left Burmecia. Where have you been all these years..? To what corners of the world have you traveled? My dear Fratley...I climbed the highest mountains only to hear rumors of your victories...I searched the deepest valleys only to find your footsteps. But I never found you. And in the end, I heard something...something unbearable!"

Fratley: "Freya, you say? I believe this is the first time we have met..."

Freya: "What..what did you just say?"

Fratley: "I'm sorry, but I cannot remember you for the life of me..."

Freya: "Y-you jest! You cannot have forgotten me! It's me, Freya! Freya of Burmecia!"

Fratley: "I am sorry..."

Freya: "No..."

Zidane: "Hey, wait a minute! You can't be serious! It's Freya, your lost love! How could you forget her? Well, say something!"

Freya: "That is enough, Zidane..."

Zidane: "What? You've been searching for this guy for years, and now he's right here!"

King of Burmecia: "Fratley! Do you remember me, the King of Burmecia?"

Fratley: "Not at all, I'm afraid."

King of Burmecia: "Impossible! Have you forgotten everything that has passed!? Then let me ask you this: What brought you back to Burmecia? Is it not because you learned of the crisis here in Cleyra, whose people are our brothers?"

Fratley: "As a matter of fact..."

(Puck enters the scene)

Puck: "As a matter of fact, I'll tell ya!"

Zidane: "Puck!"

Freya: "Prince Puck!"

Fratley: "Lord Puck!"

Puck: "I found Fratley during my travels around the world! And you guessed it, he didn't know who I was! Or even who he was! But when Burmecia was attacked and he heard that Cleyra was in danger... His faint memories as a dragon knight called him back here!"

Fratley: "Dragon knight... Yes, I was once called that. But now, that is all I can remember..."

Freya: "Fratley..."

Fratley: "I must go."

(Fratley leaps away to parts unknown)

Zidane: "Freya, aren't you gonna follow him?"

Freya: "No... I am happy simply knowing that Sir Fratley still lives."

Puck: "I'm sorry, Freya. I knew you weren't ready to see him, but with Cleyra under attack and all..."

Freya: "I need no such courtesy, Highness."

Puck: "Uh...well, I'm gonna go after Fratley! Later!"

(Puck exits)

King of Burmecia: "Wait, Puck! I have not seen you in ages!"

Vivi: "Wh-What? That was Puck? So, what happened? What's the matter, Freya?" (Vivi walks up to Freya, who is kneeling) "Are you crying?"

Freya: (Laughing) "Ahahaha... What irony. To find the man about whom I have dreamed endlessly... ...only to discover that he cannot even remember who I am!" Freya: (Rising to her feet) "Come, Zidane! The enemy's hand has not been stilled! We must regroup!"

Zidane: "Freya..."

Cleyran Oracle: (Frightened scream) "Eeeeek!"

(Camera pans right to show Beatrix holding the Oracle captive)

Oracle: "Eeeeek! Have mercy!"

Beatrix: "Hmph! Pathetic rodents! You fail to grasp the true power of this jewel!" (Knocks jewel from its mount on the harp)

High Priest: "Our magic stone!"

Beatrix: (Seizing the jewel and departing) "Now that I have this jewel, I am through with your city!"

Zidane: "Wait!"

Freya: "Halt, villain!"

When Freya met Amarant

Freya: "That Zidane... Doesn't even stop by to say hello!"

(Amarant walks by and the two start at each other in passing.)

Freya: "What are you staring at?"

Amarant: "...Are you really that tough?"

(They get in battle stances.)

Freya: "Try me!"

Amarant: "I don't go looking for trouble, but I'll fight back if trouble finds me. Why don't you apologize, and maybe I'll forgive you."

Freya: "Ha!"

(The two guards at the dock see the fight starting to heat up.)

Alexandrian Guard: "Stop right now or I will charge both of you with disorderly conduct!"

(Zidane and Vivi finally arrive.)

Zidane: "Hey! What's going on here?"

Freya: "Zidane! I'd love to stop and talk, but I'm busy right now."

Amarant: "Is she...a friend of yours? Then tell her who I am. Tell her I'm the Flaming Amarant."

Zidane: "Sorry, Amarant. She's just a little worked up about something." (He goes over to the nearest guard.) "Sorry, babe. They're my friends." (He goes over to the nearest guard.) "Will you let them go for my sake?"

Alexandrian Soldier: "S-Sure... Princess Garnet asked us to give special treatment to you, Master Vivi, and Miss Freya."

Zidane: (Dagger...) "I-I see. Thanks! Hey, Freya... Stop being so mad, alright?"

Freya: "Do you know why I'm really mad? It's because of you! Where have you been!? Dagger is about to become queen, and you're off wandering about! Have you found out anything more about Kuja!? Well? Answer me!"

Zidane: "Um... Well, I tried to find more info, but..."

Freya: "Look, if Kuja was responsible for taking Dagger's eidolons... And killing Brahne, who was working with him... Don't you think he'd come after Dagger again!?"

Zidane: "I know... But what can I do? I couldn't even talk to her, remember? I don't even know if I can protect her... Besides, she's gonna be queen. She'll have all the guards she'll need. She won't need me."

Vivi: "But Zidane... I think Dagger wants to see you. So... Let's go see her!"

Zidane: "Yeah... But we'll leave as soon as we're done."

Amarant: "Zidane... You're not gettin' away from me. You still owe me a rematch."

Zidane: "Suit yourself."

ATE: "The Rally"

Triggered by events in Lindblum (You might have missed this ATE, depending on your choices in the game)

Burmecian Soldier Doyle: "Freya!"

Burmecian Soldier Gray: "I'm so happy to see you!"

Freya: "Likewise! I'm glad you all made it here."

Doyle: "Yes, it was a very long trip, but somehow, we found our way here."

Gray: "I only wish Dan and the others were here, too. We've lost so many friends..."

Freya: "...Indeed."

Gray: "We can't get down now. We have to go on, for their sake and ours."

Doyle: "So, Freya, what are you going to do now?"

Freya: "I'm going after Kuja with Zidane and the rest of the party. And you?"

Doyle: "We're going to regroup and embark upon the reconstruction of Burmecia. Many of our comrades are still scattered all over the continent."

Gray: "Actually, we were hoping you would join us."

Freya: "Oh... Then I will see you all, as soon as I complete my objective. Please take care of things 'til then."

Gray: "Will do."

Doyle: "Good luck to you, too."

Freya: "Thank you." (I wish Sir Fratley were here with us...)

Freya's Epilogue

(Freya and Fratley enter an open square in Burmecia. Freya sits down on the edge of a fountain. Fratley stands behind her.)

Sir Fratley: "Freya, you're leaving soon, are you not?"

Freya: "Yes. I can hardly wait to see everyone."

Sir Fratley: "Alexandria... I went there many years ago. How long will it take to rebuilt Burmecia...?"

Freya: "I don't care, as long as I am with you."

Sir Fratley: "...I love you, Freya."

Freya: (...Yet he still doesn't remember our past.) "I just want to cherish our time right now."

(On a blacked-out screen:)

You taught me that life doesn't last forever. That's why we have to help each other and live life to the fullest.