Frequently Asked Questions

Beware, the answer you seek may forever change your life for the worse.

- Freya, warning Vivi about finding himself.

Why create a site about Burmecians?

In my opinion, Burmecians are the most unique, and also the most underrated fantasy race to ever grace a video game. Back when fan sites were a common site on the internet, there were hundreds dedicated to more popular characters such as Zidane, Dagger, and Vivi, but very few about Freya. The Freya Crescent Shrine was originally created as a nesting site for those fans who adored Freya and her kin, and wanted to share artwork and stories, and to engage in roleplay with fellow fans.

Nowadays, tumblr accounts and fan-wikis have all but replaced traditional fansites and group listings, most of which have since disappeared from the internet. The Realm of Eternal Rain, however, remains active to this day, and has greately expanded from a simple Freya shrine to the No. 1 resource for all things Burmecian.

Is all the information on this site official lore provided by Square-Enix?

While we have tried to remain loyal to canon Burmecian/Cleyran lore as much as possible, there are far too many gaps in official information regarding Burmecian society and culture. Most of the additional content on this site is fan-made conjecture, taken from the ROER community, and/or various Square-Enix/Final Fantasy fan-wikis.

I wrote an essay about Burmecians/Cleyrans/Freya/Fratley! Can I submit it to the Shrine?

Sure, as long as it's something we haven't covered yet and your own work.

Can I submit any corrections to any fan-made lore that's published on the site?

Providing that you have any credible sources to back your argument up and you don't badger us to do so, we may consider it. Please bear in mind, though, that most of the content here is provided by the community, so you're better off asking in the forums first.

The shrine only lets me upload one submission at a time. Can I send multiple files at once?

Yes, you can. We recommend using a compression utility such as winzip or winrar for submitting multiple works. That's double true if you're submitting any projects to us.

What kind of content can I submit to the shrine?

All kinds! Fanart, fanfiction, real-world media and projects, essays, official art, screenshots... Just about anything, really.

What file types do you accept?

We accept .jpg, .gif and .png for artwork, .pdf for fanfiction, and .txt or .rtf for other written works. We may also accept .pdf and .html files for other works, too. For projects, we recommend compiling your work (images, description, etc.) using a compression utility such as winzip or winrar, and must contain your name, the name of your project, what kind of project it is, the date you started, and the status of your project.

Can I submit adult works to the shrine?

No. The Realm of Eternal Rain maintains a PG-13 rating, which means no pornographic, erotic, or any other mature-themed content in nature, as stated by our webhost's terms of service. Suggestive themes and Barbie-level nudity are a-okay, but anything further will not be approved for submission. That goes for extremely graphic voilence and any fetish-related content, too. If you're not sure if your submission is okay, feel free to ask.

Why wasn't my submission posted on the shrine?

We reserve the right not to upload any content we feel is inappropriate, pushes past the PG-13 rating, or fails to meet reasonable standards. We're not asking you to be a flawlessly talented artist or author, but any chicken scratch drawings or incomprehensible walls-of-text are likely to be turned away.

Will you do a link swap with my website?

Sure! We have an affiliation program to link back to similar sites and fan listings. You can check it out here.

Can I be a content provider too?

We're not in any real need for additional content providers at the minute, but we will make a post if a position does open up. We're normally looking for fans who are passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable about Freya Crescent, Burmecians and Final Fantasy IX. If you think you meet these requirements, we just might be able to hire you.

Have a question you'd like asking? Feel free to get in touch using the Contact Us page!