Notable Citizens

This whole town is pretty. And everyone here is so nice. That's why I wanna protect you!

- Zidane, before escorting a pair of shrine maidens to the Cathedral.

The following is a list of all the major NPCs that occupy Burmecia, Cleyra and the surrounding regions.

Note: This section will only cover NPCs who have a substansial amount of interaction with the party, thus characters like the various shrine maidens and Oracle Kildea will not be mentioned here.)

Sir Iron-Tail Fratley

Concept art of Fratley, as shown in the FFIX artbook
Concept art of Fratley, as shown in the FFIX artbook

Fratley is renouned as a legendary Dragon Knight and explorer, as well as Freya Crescent's boyfriend. He is 25 during the events of Final Fantasy IX.

Fratley is an average-sized Burmecian of average build. with shoulder-length sandy blonde hair. Much of his face is obscured by a gat, a type of hat traditionally worn by Korean men. The gat itself has armor plating fastened near the front, while the top is adorned with light-brown feathers.

He also wears a yellow traveller's jacket with olive-green cuffs and a green, leather covering fastened along the hem and adorned with a fleece collar. The hem of the jacket itself reaches up to his midsection, and is secured by a brown leather belt. Underneath his jacket he wears a black, wide collared vest, and a necklace with alternating red and gold beads. Other accessories include a pair of wrist wraps, and a red piece of cloth wrapped around his tail.

Fratley also wears a pair of tanned cargo pants with olive-green shinguards, which is supported by a utility belt with three large pouches attached to it. The belt itself is fastened by a harness which runs from the back where his tailbase is located, between his legs and finally secured at the front. Finally, Fratley's weapon of choice is a Bardiche with a red, metallic frame and three small circular holes cut along the side of the blade. It is a unique weapon and cannot be found anywhere in the game.

Fratley, shortly before he leaves for his journey
Fratley, shortly before he leaves for his journey

Not much is known about Fratley before the events of Final Fantasy IX, though various quotes and dialogues hint that he is both Burmecia's champion and something of a philosopher. At age 20, five years before the game's plot starts, Fratley decides to embark on a woldwide trip in order to keep peace, as he fears the other kingdoms are slowly gaining power. Before leaving, he promised Freya that he would return.

Two years later, rumors about Fratley's death began to circulate, and Freya left Burmecia to search for him. The prince of Burmecia, Puck, ran away one month later for the same reasons, though he and Freya never crossed paths once. During her journey, Freya found nothing but minor hearings and a handful of clues of where Fratley had travelled. She often visited Lindblum on occasion, hoping that Fratley would be a contestant in the annual Festival of the Hunt.

Eventually, Fratley arrives in Cleyra in time to save Zidane and a group of Burmecian refugees during the seige of Cleyra. As the party regroups in the Temple, Freya pours out her heart to Fratley, telling him of her journey in search for him. In a bitter twist of irony, Fratley remarks that this is the first time the two of them have met. It transpires that Fratley does not remember anything, having been striken with amnesia when Puck found him during his own adventures, and only Fratley's faint memories of being a Dragon Knight were what brought him back to Cleyra. He then departs, leaving a devastated Freya to muse over the recent revelations.

Fratley is never seen again during the remainder of the game, possibly having been presumed dead trying to escape Cleyra, until the ending sequence, where he is seen sitting beside Freya discussing Burmecia's restoration efforts before Freya leaves for Alexandria. The two then try to rekindle their romance, though Freya silently muses to herself that Fratley has yet to regain his memory completely.

King of Burmecia

Concept art of the King
Concept art of the King

The King of Burmecia is the current monarch of Burmecia and the father of Puck. He is 49 during the events of Final Fantasy IX.

Not much is known about the king, other than that he is Puck's father. During the Siege of Burmecia, he and a band of his most trusted soldiers fled to the city of Cleyra, where he was briefly reunited with his son. He also oversees the dance ritual used to to strengthen the sandstorm protecting Cleyra, shortly before Alexandrian soldiers storm the tree and attack the city. Later, he and a few other survivors are saved by Sir Fratley, whom Puck brought along with him, but is shocked when he learns that the former does not remember anything, let alone his own king, and is disheartened when Puck immediately leaves after Fratley departs.

The king is believed to have perished along with many survivors during the siege of Cleyra, when the tree is destroyed by Odin.


Concept art of Puck
Concept art of Puck

The crown prince of Burmecia, Puck is unique among his species in that he has brown fur rather than light-grey or white. He is 14 during the events of Final Fantasy IX.

Three years prior to the start of the game, Puck ran away from home one month after Freya left in search of Sir Fratley. During his travels, Puck found the legendary Dragon Knight, but soon discovered that he was suffering from amnesia. The two travelled together for an unspecified amount of time until Puck visits Alexandria to watch the play I Want to Be Your Canary. He meets Vivi at the start of the game, whom Puck makes into his slave in order to sneak into Alexandria and watch the play. However, they are discovered by the guards and the two are forced to flee. Puck manages to escape, but Vivi trips and is chased onto the deck of the Prima Vista.

Puck does not make another appearance until the party reaches Cleyra, where Burmecian Soldier Dan alerts them that a child is being attacked by the Antlion. They save the child, whom Vivi quickly identifies as Puck, and his royal heritage is revealed to the player. He then runs off, not wanting to see his father. During the Siege of Cleyra, Puck runs down the tree trunk to alert the party that the town is under attack.

Later, when Freya meets Fratley, Puck reveals that it was him who found the legendary knight during his travels. He then apologizes to Freya, stating that he knew she was not ready to see Fratley so suddenly. He runs off again before his father or Vivi have a chance to talk to him.

Puck isn't seen again until the game's epilogue, where he bumps into one of Vivi's sons during a trip to Alexandria.

Burmecian Soldier Dan

Burmecian Soldier Dan confronts Zidane and the Party
Burmecian Soldier Dan confronts Zidane and the Party

Dan is a soldier in the Burmecian army, and an old accquaintace of Freya. He has a wife named Learie, and two sons named Jack and Adam.

Dan and his family are first seen fleeing Burmecia, when they encounter Zidane and his party en route to the Burmecian palace. Assuming they were Alexandrians, Dan turns on the party until he recognises Freya. He informs the party that the king hasn't been seen in the castle before urging the party to get out of the city. Dan and his family then leave for Cleyra.

Later, they are seen staying at the inn in Cleyra, hurling abuse at Vivi and accusimg him of murdering Dan's father, until they realise that Vivi has no affiliation with the black mages that attacked Burmecia. When the sandstorm dies, Dan will sell any weapons to the party before they investigate the tree's trunk. With the party distracted, a batallion of black mages attack Cleyra, killing Dan and forcing his family to flee the inn. Depending on the player's actions, they can be guided to safety, or in some cases, Learie will charge at the mages, getting fireballed in the process.

If all three surviving family members reach the Cathedral in one piece, each one will reward Zidane with an item before the party confronts Beatrix. However, they are ultimately killed along with many other survivors when Brahne summons Odin to destroy the tree.

Wei and Kal

A pair of Burmecian newlyweds, Wei and Kal are first seen in a temple in Burmecia, where Wei is nursing an injured Kal after being attacked by Black Mages. Just before the temple's statue collapses, Zidane manages to pull Kal out of the way just in time. With help from a fellow Burmecian soldier, the two decide to flee to safety.

Wei and Kal are later seen in Lindblum at the start of Disk 3, where Kal's injuries have healed, and Wei has mothered not one, but five children. The newlyweds are openly hopeful about returning to Burmecia, and even invite Zidane to pay them a visit once the city has been rebuilt.

Cleyran High Priest

Concept art of the High Priest
Concept art of the High Priest

The defacto ruler of Cleyra, the Cleyran High Priest is charged with overseeing the rituals used for strengthening the sandstorm protecting Cleyra. When Burmecia is under siege by Alexandrian forces, the High Priest allowed many Burmecian refugees - including the King of Burmecia - to take shelter in his city. After the party saves Puck from the Antlion, he arranges for a Ritual Dance to strengthen the sandstorm to be conducted in a bid to ward off any potential threats, specifically the one when Burmecia and Cleyra were one, and aska Freya to participate.

During the ritual, the strings on the ceremonial harp snap, causing the sandstorm to disappear. Fearing that the Alexandrian army will use this to their advantage, Freya and the party investigate the trunk, leaving Cleyra defenseless as Brahne sends a batallion of black mages to search for the Summoning stone. During the siege, the High Priest is cornered by Beatrix, cowering before her as she takes the stone from on top of the ceremonial harp.

Like many of the survivors in Cleyra, the High Priest is never mentioned again after Odin destroys the Cleyran tree, and is presumed to have been killed in the aftermath of it's destruction.