Freya's Abilities

I don't know if my spear alone is enough to protect Burmecia... ...which is precisely why I must go out into the world.

- Sir Iron-Tail Fratley, before departing for his journey.

Being a Dragon Knight, Freya can invoke the power of dragon souls and use their powers on the battlefield, in addition to her trademark Jump ability. Her Dragon skills are not considered magic, and can be used in areas where anti-magic barriers are in effect, such as Oelivert.

Dragon skills offer a variety of abilities, such as attacking, healing, and status buffs. Initially, Freya's low MP pool limits her abilities greatly, but this can be counteracted once she learns White Draw.

The Jump ability is the bread and butter of all Dragoons. It allows Freya to leap high into the air, momentarily leaving the battlefield for one turn before delivering a devastating blow on the opponent the next. When Freya enters Trance, she will remain airborne for longer and attacks all targets by throwing multiple spears several times until her Trance guage depletes, or until the battle is won. The higher Freya's SPR (Spirit) attribute is, the longer she can remain in Trance. She can also equip the High Jump ability, which doubles the attack power of her Jump.

The damage formula for Jump is as follows:

Base = AtkPwr - Target Defense
Bonus = 3...[(Lvl + Str)/8] + Str - 1
Damage = Base * [Bonus + 50%]

If High Jump is equipped = Base * [Bonus * 2]