Freya Crescent Profile

Rat-face... After I finish my drink, I'm gonna kick your butt.

- Freya, upon meeting Zidane at the pub in Lindblum.

Freya Crescent's CG model
Freya Crescent's CG model

Name: Freya / Freija Crescent
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthdate: July, 1778
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Race: Burmecian
Fur color: Steel Blue
Hair color: White (Moonlight)
Eye color: Jade Green
Height: 6' 3" (7' including hat)
Weight: Approx. 147 lbs
Dexterity: Left-handed
Occupation: Dragon Knight / Dragoon / Lancer
Speciality: Spears and Lances


Freya appears in-game wearing a red hat which, combined with her short white hair, obscures much of her face and green eyes. The hat is decorated with a pair of faux dragon ears, and two triangular slits made into the front flap, giving the hat a very dragon-like appearance, as is the case with most Dragoons.

She also wears a long red double-breasted jacket with a long split up the back, allowing her tail to move around freely. The jacket is adorned with a series of buckles and a pair of spaulders along the upper arms, heavy roping around the sleeves, a sky blue cravat, and an escutcheon bearing the Burmecian coat of arms fastened to the front of her chest.

Beneath the jacket, Freya sports a chainmail vest, which she wears over a tawny brown long-sleeved shirt. To match the shirt, she also wears a pair of tawny brown knee-length pantaloons and tanned leather gaiters. Finally, like most Burmecians, her tail is adorned with a tawny brown ribbon, possibly a gift from Fratley.


Freya is a strong, confident warrior with a sharp mind, but bears deep, emotional scars in regards to her hometown and her lost love Sir Iron-Tail Fratley. Despite this, she is quite humble and acts friendly towards children, as seen when she speaks to Eiko and Vivi. She considers Zidane one of her closest friends, and often jokes around with him, saying she will "kick his butt" for flirting with girls in the pub in Lindblum.

She has a competitive streak, as she is a frequent participant in the Festival of the Hunt. And later, she forms a friendly rivalry of sorts with Amarant. She is also quite curious, as she was the one who coaxed Amarant into revealing his past with Zidane. As a knight, she is very dutiful and can cast aside all her doubts when the need arises. She doesn't hold grudges for long, as she can be seen fighting alongside her former enemy Beatrix when the party tries to escape from Alexandria.

Skills and Abilities

Freya is a well-balanced fighter with average stats, and has the second highest SPR value in the player's party. Her trademark ability is Jump, a common skill among Dragoons. When Jump is executed, Freya will leap into the air and deliver a damaging blow to the opponent the following turn. When she enters Trance, Freya will remain airborne and unleash a flurry of spears at her opponents as long as she remains in Trance. The higher her SPR attribue is, the longer her attack lasts.

Unlike other Dragoons, Freya posesses a list of additional combat abilities called Dragon skills. These abilities, apart from balancing her out, offer a range of attack, healing, and status buff effects. However, her low MP value limits the use of these skills greatly, though this can be rectified with her White Draw ability.

For more information about Freya's skills and abilities, visit the Abilities page in this section.


Early concept art of a Burmecian Dragoon
Early concept art of a Burmecian Dragoon
  • Freya is named after the Norse word Freyja, meaning "Lord" and/or "Lady". It is also the name of the Norse goddess Freyja, who was a goddess of fertility, love, wealth, beauty and attraction. It is also a common Scandinavian name.
  • Freya holds the distinction of being the first female Dragoon in the Final Fantasy franchise (not counting characters who can change job classes). Only two others have taken this role after her, the first being Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy XIII, and later Barbara from Final Fantasy Dimensions.
  • Freya shares the same surname as Lucrecia Crescent from Final Fantasy VII, although the latter's was only revealed in Dirge of Cerebus, six years after Final Fantasy IX was released.
  • Freya only appears in two FMV videos - at the end of Disk One after the party is defeated by Beatrix, and during the ending FMV.
  • Like most Dragoons, Freya is left-handed, and is the only playable character in Final Fantasy IX who possesses this trait.
  • During development, Freya was originally designed with a blue coat and darker hair and fur, possibly an allusion to fellow Dragoon Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV. This color scheme was eventually dropped in favor of the more Red Mage-esque design that Freya sports to this day.