It's the most coveted piece of the famous triptych! You'll never see a rarer item!

- Treno Auctioneer, commenting on the Mini-Burmecia figurine.

A small collection of Freya related goodies!
A small collection of Freya related goodies!

At the time of it's release, Final Fantasy IX was heavily merchandise driven, spawning numerous collections ranging from soundtracks to action figures and even postcards. Like the other main characters, Freya has her own line of merchandise in her likeness when the game was released. However, these are becoming more and more harder to find, and are now considered collector's items. If you're lucky to find any on sale on eBay or Craigslist, be expected to pay a significant amount of money - they are by no means cheap.

Official keychain

These nifty little 2 inch keychains came in a set of seven (minus Quina), or could be bought individually at most specialist hobby stores. Sir Fratley not included.

Banpresto keychain

Much bigger than their official counterparts (being at around 4 - 5 inches tall), these ones are a lot harder to find and are more susceptible to damage (as shown in the screenshot), thus are more expensive.

Coca-Cola figurines

These neat little figures were released as part of a huge Coca-Cola marketing campaign, and came in two flavors - colored, and crystal red.


Ahh, writing to friends and family have never been more fun with these spiffy postcards. You can purchase a whole set of 5" x 7" postcards for $9.95.

Action figure

A must have for any die hard Freya fan! Standing at around 6 inches tall, the official Bandai action figure is nicely detailed and remains consistent with Freya's in-game design. She even comes with a detachable spear and her own base to stand on. Unfortunately, she (often) comes packaged with Quina. Out of all the stuff listed here, these are VERY rare, and will set you back at least $100 on average. If you're lucky to find her on sale, that is.

Possible Play Arts action figure?

Square Enix have released figures of several Final Fantasy IX characters in October 2009 as part of their Play Arts series. So far, the collection only consists of Zidane, Dagger and Vivi, and no confirmation of any further releases have been unveiled. However, we at the Realm of Eternal Rain have faith that Freya may be included in the lineup, should they release more FFIX Play Arts figures in the future.


Special thanks to Lauren Crisp for sharing her Freya valuables with all of us. If you know of any more Freya-related toys or items, email us!