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My hat's off to you, Freya. I don't know how you racked up so many points.

- Zidane, when Freya wins the Festival of the Hunt.

For over 10 years, the Realm of Eternal Rain has been the number one resource for all things Freya Crescent, and one of the longest running fansites on the internet. Thanks to the folks over at Zernebok Hosting, we have been able to provide all you adoring fans with hours of entertaining and informative facts and information about Freya, Fratley, Puck and the rest of the Burmecian race. Sadly, it costs money to run the shrine, and we'd like to keep the shrine alive and continue to provide a home for lovers of giant, hairy rats.

This is where you guys come in! In order to continue hosting, but not resort to advertising, I'm asking fans to help support us by donating to us. All donations are voluntary and will go straight to paying for the shrine's running costs. When and how much is completely up to you.

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